Linda + Mitch

Linda and Mitch had such an elegant day! I was so thankful to have had the opportunity to design the beautiful couple’s wedding flowers for their Spring wedding on May 12, 2018. Linda and Mitch were so relaxed and were simply excited to continue their lives together. I loved getting to know them more while we collaborated on their wedding flowers. Sophisticated Elegance was to be the wedding theme; a romantic blend of white textures with elegant mixed greens and sparkle to hint at a Great Gatsby style. I was so thankful for both Mitch and Linda’s loose style wedding planning! Thank you for trusting me – Thank you for allowing my floral design juices to fly with the wind! I believe you both brought your sophisticated wedding vision to life on your special day!

Photography: Little Romantics

Photography: Little Romantics

Photography: Little Romantics

Photography: Little Romantics

The wedding party was absolutely stunning and glamorous! I was in love with the bridesmaid’s skirts. Linda wanted to incorporate rose gold accents and sparkle into her bouquet to compliment what her ladies were wearing. So we saved the trimmings from the skirts when they were hemmed, and used the left over fabric to tie her bouquet. Using the exact same material on the handle of Linda’s bouquet as the skirts was perfect!

Photography: Little Romantics

Everything about Linda + Mitch’s day was beautiful: the party, the weather, the people, the list is endless!


Photography: Little Romantics

Photography: Little Romantics

Photography: Little Romantics

Mother’s Wrist Corsage

The Groom and Grooms men’s Boutonnières

Photography: Little Romantics

Photography: Little Romantics

Photography: Little Romantics

Photography: Little Romantics


Thank you again for allowing me to play a part in your beautiful day! Wishing you both all the best in your exciting new life together!

Most of these photos were all taken by the lovely Mika Abbott through her business – The Little Romantics Photography. You should most definitely go check out her other work on [Instagram] & [Facebook]! I’m so excited about all that she is doing here in the city and I’m looking forward to watching her take off as an artist and a photographer ♥

– Stay Satisfied


Sharelle + Dallas

Sharelle and Dallas had an absolutely enchanting day! I was so lucky to have the opportunity of designing the stunning Gold couple’s wedding flowers for their Fall wedding on October 21st, 2017. Sharelle is such a sweet soul and I adored getting to know her more while we collaborated on her wedding flowers. I’ve been blessed with doing wedding flowers for several brides now – but Sharelle wins the prize of most relaxed bride ever! Together, we talked about her wedding flowers over the phone for a just over an hour and she let me run with her inspiration! Enchanting was to be the wedding theme; a romantic blend of modern burgundies and elegant blushes with mixed greens and a touch of sparkle to hint at a wonderful fairy Godmother. I was so thankful for both Dallas and Sharelle’s laid back and relaxed wedding style! Thank you for trusting me lady – Thank you for giving my floral design juices to flow freely! I believe you brought your graceful wedding vision to life on your special day!


• The wedding was held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan •

• Special thanks to Age of Grace Photography for sharing the wedding photos •

• Sharelle and her beautiful older sister as her Maid of Honour •

Sharelle and Dallas had a custom arch for their wedding ceremony and I was able to design a floral piece to be mounted to the top ♥ The arch was then used at the reception to welcome guests into the party!

• What I loved the most was how Dallas and Sharelle stayed true to who they were through out the day;
relaxed, hilarious and focusing on fun – Well done you two •

Thank you again Sharelle and Dallas – I had so much fun designing your wedding flowers and getting the chance to play a small part in your day ♥

I am praying for you both that God would bless your new life together and that it will flourish into a marriage that becomes even more beautiful than this day was!


– Stay Satisfied

Kenzie + Austin

Super Exciting: This past summer, I had the honour of doing the flowers for one of my friends weddings; Kenzie, the lovely bride, was such a joy to work with. Her vision for her and Austin’s big day was very exciting, and I am so blessed to have been able to play a part in their beautiful day!




Austin had gone into the forest and hand picked trees to chop down and build their own arch while Kenzie had me design flowers to go on top and add colour to their ceremony


Kenzie had every detail of her wedding planned and organized ❤ She wanted fresh flowers down the isle, on the arch, registry table, reception tables, on the backs of all her guests chairs…. oh my goodness… she was incredible to work with!


This couple was simply glowing all day!!


The peach and white flowers went beautifully with the ice blue dresses





I adored being a part of your day Austin and Kenzie – you were both so much fun to work with!

Praying for you lots in your new life together! God bless

The photos were all done by Laina Brown Photography – she did an incredible job capturing Kenzie + Austin’s Wedding Day!

I love Flowers

IMG_1720Flowers are amazing; there is so much you can do with them, and they bring encouragement where ever they go! Petals by Payton is my personal floral design business. I do floral arrangements for nearly every occasion whether it’s just because or for a wedding! I started working with flowers when I was fifteen years old. It’s funny, because the whole reason I went into floral design was because I thought it would help me when I eventually went into interior design. You know, working with different colours, textures and design work – not to mention also dealing with clients and helping them get what they are imagining! Working in the flower shop gave me so much more knowledge than I expected! And I ended up enjoying it way more than I thought I would! A lot of people ask me what my favorite flower is and to be quite honest with you, I literally could never pick just one favorite flower. I know, that would super cliche and cheesy but it’s absolutely true. And to be honest, sometimes… and when I say ‘sometimes’ we both know that I actually mean most times….. I buy myself flowers because I love them so much. I confess. Some girls buy shoes, some women buy purses and still other females will treat themselves to a pedicure or whatever but I, on the other hand, am a hopeless romantic, that adores flowers. Flowers for me, to me? Sure! Don’t mind if I do! Now, I might as well continue being honest and add that not only do I enjoy buying myself flowers buuuuuut I also have this addiction of buying vases. YES. You may now give me the “Biggest Nerd to Walk on the Face of the Earth EVER” award. Ha! I’d wear that sucker with pride. Anyways, this is one of my favorite vases, and I kid you not, it took a skilled level of tracking to find! I really enjoy how it has that stained glass look to it. A customer had come into the flower shop and brought in a vase extremely similar to this one and I immediately fell in love with it. So naturally, I asked where and when she got it. To my luck she literally had just bought it at Winners, twenty minutes before coming to the shop. The minute after I got off work I booked it down to Winners and searched high and low for this vase. It was hand crafted and full of colour. I remember thinking about this vase and the white roses that I would put in it… this vase HAD to be mine. I actually remember praying while running around Winners like a mad woman trying to find it. “God, PLEASE, please, please let me have that vase!!!” Not a moment later, there it was. Sitting all by its lonesome on the shelf. Obviously waiting for me, no doubt.


When I first started working at the small, local flower shop I had no knowledge of fresh cut flowers and I could barely keep any plant alive. It was my Mom who had the green thumb… not me…. I had the killer thumb. Or just a bad memory and completely forgot that the plants needed care. Anyways, the lady I worked with was incredibly gracious and patient with me. She taught me everything from different types of flowers and pointed out why each one was unique and special in their own way to eventually showing me how to do floral arrangements. We started off slow, simply designing a dozen roses in a vase. After I had been doing that for a while ad gained my confidence, she began teaching me more.

IMG_1769God has completely blessed me with creativity to design and with opportunities to share His gift with others! After a while I began designing other pieces with several different flowers. Not gunna lie, my love for floral design grew and grew the more I learned and the longer I was at the flower shop! This here, was a bouquet that I whipped up for my Dad to give to my Mom He was celebrating the anniversary of their first date. Need I say more? Nope. Nada. My Mom had roses and stargazer lilies in her wedding bouquet so that’s exactly what I threw into the vase! Add a lil love and whadaya got? Bippety, boppety boo!




As I continued to learn more at the flower shop and design different things for different events, a friend of mine asked if I would do the bouquets for her wedding! I was extremely excited to help and be a small part in her wedding! The bridesmaids bouquets were made of pink and white carnations and roses which complemented each other beautifully and added the perfect texture to the ladies dresses.


I’m excited that God opened a door for me to grow and learn! I’ll be completely honest with you – I originally did not want to go into floral design because I didn’t think I would enjoy it, but now after doing it for a couple years I love it! I’d encourage you guys to try something you don’t think you’d like and to give it a chance – even if it seems ridiculous because who knows… you might end up changing your mind *wink*





– Stay Satisfied