Haley + Fabi

Haley and Fabi is probably my most favourite wedding that I’ve ever had the opportunity of doing to date. My heart gets so happy simply thinking about it! What made their day so incredibly unique and special is that Fabi’s mom grew most of the flowers for me to design with for their big day! Haley and Fabi live out on the east coast, so early on Gisela, Fabi’s Mother, and I talked about flowers and the vision the families all had for the wedding – It would be out on the farm the first week of August, and Haley wanted the day to be elegant & fun. Continue reading

Bucket List: Have a Pet Rabbit

Rabbits are my favourite animal. They’re too adorable not to love! Theodore is my little bun – the sweetest little fluff ball you’ll ever cuddle. I got him in April right after I moved back home from college which would make him 2 years old. My sister and I had gone to the pet store to kill time and saw the cutest grey bunny. While all the other 6 week old bunnies hopped around the pen, he sat in the middle with ears drooped on the floor, completely unamused with life outside of the cage. I picked him up and he didn’t move; he was the calmest pile of fuzz. I had to take him home ♥ As I held him in my arms his relaxed character didn’t change; he was Eeyore in the form of a rabbit.

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Reward for Your Work

You know those people in your life that always seem to have it together? Maybe their projects in school are always flawless, maybe their kids are always perfectly dressed, their car’s always spotless, maybe their makeup + hair always looks like if was professionally done? You’re probably already thinking of that person (or persons…) right now. We know that it’s impossible for people to always have their life together like that, but still. How do those people always seem to LOOK like they have it together…? I’d like to know their secret so that I can appear that way too…

2 Chronicles 15:7,
“But you, be strong and do not lose courage. For there is reward for your work.”

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Wolf Willow Project

These clients were so fun! It was a mother – daughter duo working on their new home with Ripplinger Homes here in the city. Those ladies and I were 100% on the same page ♥ We loved the same things, which made it even more fun when our ideas bounced off each other and created something incredible for their house! I’m always so excited when I get to work with people that enjoy making their project fun, exciting and totally designed around their family’s character + lifestyle! I’ll never get bored of being a part of such creative projects! I have been getting more opportunities to work with Ripplinger and I feel so lucky to play a small part in their projects.

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Custom Ensuite Project

I love my job at Floors by Design. I get to work with so many talented people from interior designers, installers, representatives of beautiful materials, the list could go on forever. I also get to meet countless creative clients and together we come up with some pretty fun projects! This was one of those projects. I got to work with this client for over a year and her house is finally coming together and taking shape! I’m sharing some photos of the finished ensuite  and steam shower that we got to do!

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