We’re Flying to Egypt!

My sister and I are going on another adventure – An opportunity came up to travel Egypt + Israel for a couple weeks with some friends from Bible school, it was too awesome to turn down 🙂 Tomorrow we’ll fly out of Vancouver and make our way to Cairo, Egypt and be there for a week or so. Then we will scoot over to Jerusalem, Israel and spend another week before heading home; true north, strong + free.

Andra and I have gotten to do a lot together – A couple summers ago, we were able to go to Rio de Janario, Brazil for the 2016 Summer Olympics with our church. We got to see God do some incredible things and check a few things off the Bucket List while meeting some fabulous people from all over the world. This trip will be no different!

Please pray while we travel and see more of this wonderful world that God has created, we would ask that you pray for safety over us and our team as we travel and explore parts Egypt and Israel. I’m excited to see the places talked about in the Bible that I’ve only ever imagined!

We are going to get to do and see some pretty phenomenal things while we’re there. We’ll ride camels, see the pyramids and sphinx and probably take Felucca boats out on the Nile. Andra and I, along with some others plan to hike Mt. Sinai for sunrise – This is something that I’m probably the most excited about because Moses has been one of my favourite Bible hero’s of all time! I think it will be aw-inspiring to be somewhere Moses spent so much time with God. We also plan to go to the Dead Sea and experience floating in the water and smothering ourselves with the black mud.

While we are in Israel, we’ll go see a lot of the places talked about in the Bible including:
Nazareth, where Jesus spent his childhood and where He performed his first miracle changing water into wine at a wedding  {John 2:1-11}
Harod’s Spring, where Gideon gathered his men before fighting the Midianites  {Judges 7:1-8}
• The Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus delivered his Sermon on the Mount  {Matthew 5:1-8}
Mount Carmel, where the Prophet Elijah performed his miracle and called upon the fire of God to conquer the Prophets of Baal  {I Kings 18:18-45}
Jaffa, One of the oldest towns in Israel and considered one of the oldest ports in the world. I’m super excited to walk these streets and look at the architecture here ♥
Garden of Gethsemane, The site where Jesus prayed at the Rock of Agony in the Garden. “My Father, if it is not possible for this cup to be taken away unless I drink it, may your will be done.”  {Matthew 26:36-56; Mark 14:32-50; Luke 22:39-53; John 18:1-14}

We’ll also check out the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, the Wailing Wall and hopefully the Mahane Yehuda food markets and local vendor stalls!

“God wants to use us when we are not ready, that way we are forced to trust Him and for God to empower us to do what we need to do to tell the world about Him. Trust that God knows what He is able and will do through us” – Pastor Bryce

Thank you for praying with us for our trip. For the people. For our group. For travels. And everything in between. I’m already looking forward to sharing about our adventure when we get back! ♥




– Stay Satisfied

Bucket List: Go Snuba Diving

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Bucket List: See the Christ the Redeemer Statue

I got to see the Christ the Redeemer statue when my sister, Andra, and I went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil a couple summers ago during the 2016 summer Olympics! It is on my Bucket List to see all of the New 7 Wonders of the World! It was absolutely incredible to see this mega statue in real life! 🙂

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Bucket List: Bake a Rainbow Cake

Not many people could fail this one… but I did… thank goodness I have awesome baking friends to save me! 🙂 I have seen those gorgeous pictures of rainbow cakes and they make me drool! So naturally, I had to try to bake one! Cake is my favourite food – Hands down. I love cake. Cake is amazing. One evening I had a friend over and we were talking about all the things happening in our world’s as we made the cake. Our plan was to have it four layers high, each being a different colour. Pretty simple. As we talked about work, school, boys, family and other drama, I added ingredients into the mixer while my friend greased the cake pans. When we were both done, we separated the batter into four different bowls to add the colour. The recipe we were following required that we use partial packs of jello instead of food colouring to achieve the pastel tones. Continue reading

Bucket List: Have a Pet Rabbit

Rabbits are my favourite animal. They’re too adorable not to love! Theodore is my little bun – the sweetest little fluff ball you’ll ever cuddle. I got him in April right after I moved back home from college which would make him 2 years old. My sister and I had gone to the pet store to kill time and saw the cutest grey bunny. While all the other 6 week old bunnies hopped around the pen, he sat in the middle with ears drooped on the floor, completely unamused with life outside of the cage. I picked him up and he didn’t move; he was the calmest pile of fuzz. I had to take him home ♥ As I held him in my arms his relaxed character didn’t change; he was Eeyore in the form of a rabbit.

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