My floral business has definitely hit a growth spurt! It’s been a minute, so to catch you up to speed, I decided to have a separate Instagram account for my wedding flower work so that it is easier for brides, grooms + other clients to find what they are looking for 🙂 A couple friends of mine are wedding photographers and they suggested that I should have a place for people to look at my floral work. At first I didn’t want to do this simply because I was scared about having another Instagram account to manage… That sounds silly, but I think I was also concerned about the expectations of keeping my floral design work professional + photogenic online.

So here I am embracing my fear with a new Instagram account for Payton’s Place Floral Design. I launched the separate account in August and I have been so excited about the positive feedback! I’m starting to wonder why I did not do this sooner! Although my floral business is new to the Instagram world, Payton’s Place Floral Design isn’t actually “new” 🌿 I’ve been lucky enough to have been working with flowers ever since I was 15! Fun Fact: My very first job was working at a local flower shop. My dream was to do interior design one day. Until then, I figured working with flowers would help me develop creative skills in colour, texture + arrangement. Fast forward to 2016: I graduated from Lakeland College for interior design. Now I work with Clear Space Design Co. as my main gig! I’m very thankful to be surrounded by so many talented individuals – The creative juices are ALWAYS flowing.

I came up with my business name because when brides say they’re coming over for a consult to discuss wedding flower details, I enjoyed how casual “Payton’s Place” sounded – No relation to that old TV show 🚫 Payton’s Place sounded welcoming. I wanted brides to feel comfortable, stress free and completely excited about planning their wedding! I do all of my floral work out of my home in Regina, SK. I’ve had the opportunity to design wedding flowers for couples outside of Regina like Weyburn and Saskatoon for some brides, so it never hurts to ask if you don’t live in the Queen’s City 🖤

Thank you again for cheering me on in the pursuit of my dream! I’m excited about the weddings already booked for 2020 – This is going to be a VERY beautiful year! If you wanted to cruise through wedding’s that I’ve already been blessed to design flowers for, you can view all of them here!

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