Hannah and Matthew had an absolute beautiful and perfect day to celebrate their new life together! These two got married on Mother’s Day 2019 ❤ Matt is from Alberta and Hannah is from Saskatchewan – They have a strong love for all things outdoors; especially hiking 🙂 During our floral consultation, Matthew Facetimed in from AB while Hannah and I met in her kitchen to talk about all the wedding details. I wanted to bring the Alberta and Saskatchewan terrains together for their wedding. What wild flowers + grasses would they see during a hike in AB and in SK? My inspiration for their wedding flowers came from that thought.

I absolutely loved getting to work with Hannah on her special day. We actually grew up together – Our Mom’s were best friends, and still are to this day! As Hannah and I got older, life took us on different paths, so it was fun to connect again and talk about her wedding, how her and Matt met, etc. 🙂 One of my favourite memories with Hannah was one summer evening our family’s went out for Frosty’s at Wendy’s. I completely forget the context, but we were trying to hum while plugging our noses (which is actually impossible by the way) While we were laughing and eating our ice cream, there was a stereotypical janitor working their way through the restaurant cleaning the plastic plants. The janitor had just cleaned the fake greenery near our table when Hannah tried to hum with frosty in her mouth while plugging her nose only to spew the dairy goodness all over the once clean greenery. Needless to say, the janitor was not impressed….

The reception table centers were really fun to put together for this nature loving couple. Hannah wanted to include wheat in some way to represent her Sask roots and Matt wanted to include rocks he had collected from Albertan mountains he had hiked with his Dad. We added fresh cedar, large tree slices and a table number with a special memory for guests to read about places they had visited together.


Hannah also baked her own wedding cake!
This cute, naked cake was decorated with the same flowers that we used in her bouquet.

Hannah wanted fresh floral wrist corsages for the Mother’s and coordinating boutonnières for the Father’s made from the same flowers that would be in her wedding bouquet – I personally love giving corsages +  boutonnières to family members and other important guests that you want to recognize on your special day. This is a great, subtle way for the rest of your wedding guests to recognize who family members are on both the Bride’s side and the Groom’s side!

Thank you to the wonderful Aimerance Ngalula for the incredible + beautiful photos! You can check out more of her work at Veille Photo on Facebook

Thank you again Matthew and Hannah for blessing me with the opportunity of designing your wedding flowers – God made your wedding beautiful, and I’m honoured I got to play a small part in it! Praying for you both as you start this wonderful new journey as husband and wife ❤


– Stay Satisfied

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