No it’s not a spelling mistake 😉 Snuba diving is a combination of snorkeling + scuba diving! It’s on my Bucket List to also go scuba diving- But this was my first go and I had to share the experience! My family and I went to Maui, Hawaii a couple years ago and we went snorkeling with Sail Trilogy at the Molokini Crater just off of Maui island. 10/10 would recommend – Solid 5 stars and 2 thumbs up! 😀
I adore the ocean. I love water. Swimming is the greatest. I am captivated by the idea that while I’m treading on the surface of the water, there could be (and most likely is) something swimming below me – Water mass is so cool. I love the idea that there is a whole new world under there! I would love to have a salt water tank one day.

Trilogy was awesome – They had an incredible boat that allowed us to swim out the back or jump off the side into the crystal clear water below ♥ We got to swim and explore the Molokini Crater in the afternoon – The rays of sunlight that shone through the water was beautiful.

Swimming all day would be one of my favourite things to do 🙂

Snuba diving is very similar to how scuba diving works. Divers still have an oxygen tank, wear weighted belts, face masks and flippers but instead of the oxygen tank being carried by individual divers, one tank floats in a boat for two divers with 12′ lines to the divers mask.

Keep exploring guys and jumping on opportunities to try new things! Life is too short to skip out on fun adventures!

– Stay Satisfied

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