National Kitchen and Bath: Kitchen Competition

This project is way back from college, but I wanted to share it with you anyways 🙂

Most of you guys know that I went to Lakeland College for their Interior Design Technology program. I adored the program and would 10/10 recommend anyone interested in this career to check out that school. Anyways, one major perk about Lakeland is that it’s credited by the NKBA {National Kitchen and Bath} they are now the only school in Canada with this accreditation. There are also  another 34 schools in the U.S. where NKBA is founded. Every year, the foundation has a couple major design competitions for all of their accredited schools: a bathroom design and a kitchen design. For the bathroom and the kitchen competitions, the NKBA creates a client with a design problem for students to fix. Students have roughly a year to work of their projects before they submit them. There can be hundreds of submissions across North America and Canada for both of these competitions. Each year there is a different “client” with their own problems. The design style varies from year to year and sometimes companies sponsor the competitions. For example, in the past Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances sponsored the NKBA competitions so students were required to use Sub-Zero and Wolf products in their design. This year; the competition that I will be entering, has been sponsored by Waypoint Living; so all submissions are required to have Waypoint Living cabinetry incorporated into the design.

I was excited about this project because I love kitchen design. The kitchen is where my family gathers – We have bottomless glasses of coke and snacks and talk for hours in our kitchen. It’s one of my favourite things ♥ This project specifically was to design a kitchen for a family with both parents, 2 kids and a dog. The mom loved to bake and made most of the families meals at home from scratch (wouldn’t we all like to say that??) Storage was a must as well as countertop space. Her preferred colours were soft blues and greens; she also had a ton of China she wished to show off, so upper cabinets with glass doors and shelves were a must. Multiple sinks and wine storage were also on the wish list.

The floor plan consisted of a kitchen in the center of the home meaning no windows to allow natural light was an option. For the project we were required to select all of the materials, finishes, appliances and fixtures in the space. I sourced a rustic hardwood because it would be durable and forgiving as the kiddo’s and puppy grew up in the home – Any wear and tear would be easy to hide in a rustic hardwood! I kept the kitchen light an airy with white cabinets, white quartz countertop and brass hardware. The feature of the kitchen would be the baby blue Lacanche oven with a custom feature hood and backsplash. The same hue of blue would be painted on the ceiling to brighten the kitchen.

To submit our kitchen designs for the NKBA competition, we were required to include a complete material guide, all working plans including floor plan, construction, lighting, finish, etc. as well as a hand rendered visual of the completed space. I obviously didn’t win the competition way back when – But it’s still a project I’m proud of. I feel so lucky that I work in an environment that allows me work with people and their kitchens everyday! Seeing plans transform into places is incredible and I’m so lucky I get to call it a job 🙂


– Stay Satisfied

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