Not many people could fail this one… but I did… thank goodness I have awesome baking friends to save me! 🙂 I have seen those gorgeous pictures of rainbow cakes and they make me drool! So naturally, I had to try to bake one! Cake is my favourite food – Hands down. I love cake. Cake is amazing. One evening I had a friend over and we were talking about all the things happening in our world’s as we made the cake. Our plan was to have it four layers high, each being a different colour. Pretty simple. As we talked about work, school, boys, family and other drama, I added ingredients into the mixer while my friend greased the cake pans. When we were both done, we separated the batter into four different bowls to add the colour. The recipe we were following required that we use partial packs of jello instead of food colouring to achieve the pastel tones. We both questioned the method, but hey – They had photo results of a beautiful rainbow cake! I wasn’t going to question it 😉 When we tried to pour the cake batter into the pans, we were shocked with how thick the batter was! It didn’t level, it was like peanut butter holding its shape! My friend smoothed the batter in the pans as best she could with large serving spoons and we popped them in the oven and waited. We talked, checked the cakes, and talked some more. They were rising and full of colour! ❤

Eventually, the timer went off and we pulled the coloured cakes out of the oven. But when we tried to get the cake layers out of the pans, we were greatly disappointed… These babies were solid. I’m talking we baked our own Frisbee disks… These were colourful cookies – Far from light and fluffy cake layers. They rose in the oven and fell flat as fast as soccer ball being run over by a semi as soon as we pulled them out.

I was so sad. These cakes SMELT SO GOOD in the oven!! My friend didn’t give up though 🙂 “It was probably the Jello – Let’s go to Safeway and get new ingredients – It’s only 9pm, we still have time to make, bake and eat Rainbow Cake tonight!” We hopped in her car, got ingredients and decided Jello was definitely NOT the way to go to add colour. This time she added the ingredients into the mixer while I  greased the cake pans and made icing. As we remade the cake, she asked what I did so that we didn’t make the cake wrong again. “Did you use egg whites or full eggs?” she asked. “Egg whites…” I answered. “Ok, then I’m going to use full eggs this time.” She decided. We continued talking about work, school, boys, family and other drama. “Did you use oil or milk?” she asked me. “…What?” I questioned. “The recipe calls for either oil or milk. What did you use? I’ll use the opposite.” I was a deer in headlights… I totally forgot the liquid last time… “You pick” I told her. “What?!?! You mean, you didn’t use anything last time?!?!” she said. I panicked, “No, I was totally distracted by what you were saying and I couldn’t believe that guy said that thing to you!! I totally skipped over the oil and milk!” I burst into laughter, “No wonder it was as thick as peanut butter!” She rolled her eyes…. “Well THAT’S what our problem was… not the jello…”

I could not believe that I completely forgot one of the major ingredients to our cake! “We totally could’ve been eating cake right now instead of remaking it!” she said. We were both killing ourselves laughing. By 11pm we pulled out four beautiful, colourful, fluffy layers of cake. Assembled it and ate massive pieces. I was happy and this cake smelt amazing too 🙂 If at first you don’t succeed – Try again! But let your friend do most of the work because she’ll probably do it right the first time 😉 Thanks for baking with me lady – Sorry for the fiasco!



– Stay Satisfied

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