I love smelling things. Out of all my five senses, I appreciate the ability to smell above the rest. I’ve noticed that I will often pour a cup of tea and be just as content to smell it beside me instead of consuming the entire thing. I enjoy sitting in coffee shops and smelling the beans. I look forward to walking into the house and smelling turkey dinner during the holidays. Most girls might have an obsession with purses or shoes, I however have an obsession with perfumes and fragrances. I love them – they are my weakness. I appreciate a man’s bold cologne before his tie, a rose’s soft sent before its petals, or fresh bread coming out of the oven before eating it. I would be so sad to have a bad nose.It got me thinking about how dull life would be without the ability to smell. I was reading the other day in 2 Corinthians and in chapter 2 it talks about how Christians are to be the aroma of Christ. It seemed so natural to me – I notice scents before other things, but obviously that’s not the most common thing for other people to notice right away. Why would Jesus want to be compared to a smell… Why not a beautiful sight or an incredible sound?

But here’s the difference; often when you see something beautiful, you know exactly what is it. You’re looking at a beautiful person, a stunning scene of nature, an incredible dessert, etc. The same goes for when you hear something phenomenal; you know the song is coming from birds, or someone playing an instrument – maybe the piano or the cello, etc. But when you smell something amazing you often want to investigate it. You want to know what tea someone is brewing, you want to see what’s cooking on the stove, you want to know what man is walking around smelling like an angel, or where the bouquet of roses are, etc. When we smell something we usually need to attach another one of our five senses to it – We want to see it, taste it or feel it as well.

2 Corinthians 2:15 +16, “For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing. To one a fragrance from death to death, and to the other a fragrance from life to life.

As Christians we are to smell like Christ and I think God used that illustration because he wants His children to “smell” SO GOOD that other people need to investigate what on earth could be that amazing. The Holy Spirit lives inside those that have chosen to lay down their old self and take up their cross with Jesus. It’s as if when you ask for forgiveness and receive God’s grace, He gives you a complimentary bottle of Heaven’s best fragrance. I love that.

The other thing about being an aroma of Christ is that on the other hand – An awful smell is impossible to ignore. If you’ve ever had a coworker that has no concept of their body odor, or lived near people that smoke a ridiculous amount of marijuana, etc. you know that a bad smell not only lingers but it carries for miles! The Bible says that we will either be a fragrance, “To one a fragrance from death to death, and to the other a fragrance from life to life.” If you are not living the way you should be and bearing the fruits of the Holy Spirit, you may be that odor causing others to flee. Allow your life to be an aroma – not an odor. Live your life as a beautiful perfume that makes others curious to know Christ.



– Stay Satisfied

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