Rabbits are my favourite animal. They’re too adorable not to love! Theodore is my little bun – the sweetest little fluff ball you’ll ever cuddle. I got him in April right after I moved back home from college which would make him 2 years old. My sister and I had gone to the pet store to kill time and saw the cutest grey bunny. While all the other 6 week old bunnies hopped around the pen, he sat in the middle with ears drooped on the floor, completely unamused with life outside of the cage. I picked him up and he didn’t move; he was the calmest pile of fuzz. I had to take him home ♥ As I held him in my arms his relaxed character didn’t change; he was Eeyore in the form of a rabbit.

Theodore has gotten massive since I first got him – He used to be this tiny, little nugget who literally tripped over his own ears and now he’s fully grown into those oversized ears 🙂

The reason why I always wanted a rabbit growing up was because the story of Peter Rabbit was one of my all-time favourites (Peter Rabbit and Pooh Bear, it was always between those two!) Rabbits are quiet, easier to take care of than a dog, yet have just as much personality as dogs! Theodore has a thing for bowls – They’re his favourite toy. I have spent way too much money buying him fancy toys, healthy toys, fun toys you name it – When really, all his heart desires for is the butter container once it’s empty.

Theodore actually chose his own name. When I first brought him home he was sliding around the hardwood floor in the kitchen as I read old man names out loud. “Henry, Charles, Rupert,” he continued to struggle to get grip with his fuzzy paws. “Theodore,” he flicked up his ears and stood tall. I read the other names again and he went back down on his paws. “Theodore?” and he stood up again.

Theo loves being pet and snuggled by anyone and everyone. I often carry him around the house under one arm while his feet dangle like a little stuffed animal. He loves to be outside in the sun – Every summer, I have a large pen + chicken coop I keep him in so that he has plenty of space to sunbathe, run and eat 🙂

Theo has become a crazy sleeper – Obviously because he doesn’t have a care or worry in the world. I have found him sprawled on his back with his back legs up the side of his pen and ears stretched out. I’ve gone in to check on him some evenings and seen him passed out on his stomach with all four paws sticking out and his face still in his food dish. He has this thing he does right before he gets comfortable; he runs his chin along the ground like a snake then springs in the air and flips around so that his paws and ears flail out from under him.

I 100% recommend rabbits as pets. I would confess that rabbits are not for kids – Rabbits take a lot of daily care and gentle loving, but if you treat them right, you’ll have them for years and years! Ever since getting Theodore and sharing his life with my friends and family I’ve had a lot of people ask about how easy he is to care for. I try to be honest that bunnies may have the reputation as easy pets, but it’s only easy if you keep up with them (like anything in life… finances, physical health, etc.) This is a website I have often visited to read up on things Theo is doing or has done to make sure I’m taking care of him the best way possible: HERE.

Thanks for letting me share my little fuzz ball ♥

– Stay Satisfied

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