I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying, “Work smarter not harder” but I was thinking the other day that we should apply that saying to our entire life. Today with so much focus on mental health and being open about our struggles I feel like this isn’t that hard of a concept to grasp either.Back in December I started going to spin class regularly at the Wheel House Cycle Club. At first I started out attending three classes a week. To be completely honest I only started going to spin class because I was going through a rough patch in my life and I needing to combat the concerning amount of ice cream I was eating. I had zero intentions of eating less ice cream – I’ll clarify that. However, I knew that if I continued eating as much ice cream as I was eating, I was going to need to swap my front door to double doors… Anyways, at first I found spin class hard and my lungs burned so much during the work out that I thought they would burst. Even the next day I felt like a new smoker that started by consuming a full pack. My backside was also so sore from the bike seat that I stood at my desk for days after. Despite all this – I found it worth it to then eat a tub of cookies n’ creme guilt free.

Photo from: Wheelhouse Cycle Club

Eight months later, God has helped me tremendously through that page of life and I now spin at least five times a week simply because I love it. My lungs are strong and I no longer find the bike seat uncomfortable. One thing that blew my mind was how fast I could drink a full water bottle in a workout. That might sound pathetic to you, but I rarely drink the daily recommended amount of water, whereas I can easily consume half my daily amount in a 45 minute spin class. Water is amazing. There was one class when I forgot my water bottle. I saw once because it literally happened ONE TIME and I swore I’d never forget again. That spin class without water was freaking awful. Now I know that sounds ultra pathetic but I hadn’t realized how much water makes or breaks a workout until I didn’t have it.

It made me think a lot about having Jesus in my life and how He is always there for us to help us through. Prepare yourself for an ultra cliche (possibly cringe-worthy) statement: Jesus is our water. I can get so distracted on trying to grow and develop myself when really Jesus is there the whole time wiling to make growth and change so much easier. Trying to get through that workout with out water was brutal, all I wanted 10 minutes in was something to cool me down and make breathing easier! Having water in a workout is simply working smarter – Not harder. No one is benefiting by me not having water in a spin class; my results aren’t better nor do I feel better. Life is the same way; God is there to help us through our days, giving us the opportunity to either life smarter or live tougher by facing trials alone.

I wanted to share that simple, but eye opening thought with you because a cliche statement became reality to me and I am so thankful to have a real life comparison to relate to. Drink more water and have more Jesus in your life ♥


– Stay Satisfied

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