I’ll be honest – I’m shocked that I was able to check this one off the List! I have a lot of tasks on my Bucket List that I don’t think I’ll be able to do and this was one of them 🙂 A couple of weeks ago, my boss decided he wanted our store to be featured on the local news channel to show off our store’s showroom, products and materials, and projects we’re capable of. He asked a co-worker and myself to be interviewed for our episode! We were both excited but also really nervous!

CTV Regina is dedicated to the people of Regina and Southern Saskatchewan and has served them since 1954. The entire news team delivers a comprehensive local news and events package, along with national and international news coverage. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a TV person. I don’t have a Netflix account and I’m not up to date on the best shows. However, I always watch the news. Every evening my Dad and I will flick on the CTV News channel – I hate missing the news.

CTV Regina offers supper-hour and late-night newscasts, seven days a week, plus a full hour of news weekdays at noon. I was so excited when my boss filled me in with what he wanted to do! In addition to providing a #1-rated newscast in all time periods, CTV Regina is a proud and strong member of the community, participating in many local charitable events. CTV Regina blends the familiarity and comfort of a local neighbor with the trust and tradition of CTV. Floors by Design was a perfect local business to be featured on their show!

If you click the screen shot below – You can view our episode on the news 🙂

I know being featured for a short segment on the news is not what most people would envision when they hear, “Be on TV” but for me – It was exactly what I would have ever wanted to try! Thanks for the opportunity to share what I love and try something new!

– Stay Satisfied

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