Bucket List: Take a Pottery Class

I have been loving the pursuit of being intentional with my Bucket List. One of the things on my Bucket List was to take a pottery class. So my Mom and I decided to sign up for a local class from 4 Cats Art Studio here in the city! We weren’t too specific when it came to taking classes… I didn’t want to sign up for something that would be a couple months worth of classes, we wanted a one time, drop-in class to try pottery out! When I was in elementary school, I had the opportunity of taking a beginners pottery class for a semester which taught me all of the clay pottery basics. This class was very similar to that, we signed up for the Lazy Morning Sloth Clay Mug class.

Enjoy each morning with possibly the cutest animal in the history of universe—the sloth! In this workshop, you get to hand build, design and glaze your very own sloth mug from clay.

My Mom and I were both so impressed with the class hosted by 4 Cats Art Studio and had so much fun making our own clay mugs! When we showed up, we all sat around a giant table and watch our curator’s 15 minute step by step instructions. After the demo, we got over an hour to sculpt our clay, get creative and add the details. What we really liked was how the creating time was self-directed for us to enjoy the process of creating! Our group laughed because 4 Cats Art Studio had a Zero Tolerance for mug shaming policy.

The goal of the sloth mug was to make a nice, plump shape – perfect for your hands to cup and hold. There were 20 people in the class and it was quite funny to see how all of the sloths developed differently. There were tall and skinny sloths and fat sloths. My problem was that I simply loved playing with the clay, the texture was so soft and cool. Honestly I could’ve just squished the wet clay all day! Ultimately I decided to make a huge fat sloth because I’d be able to have a bigger cup of coffee that way 😉

Our curator showed us how to add a handle to the mug and mold the facial pieces for the front of the mug. After we created our beautiful, unique sloths we got to mix our glazing colours and add the life to them! My handle was ridiculously oversized… but there was no going back. I chose to mix grey and pink together while my Mom picked a vibrant blue. Afterwards the mugs stayed in the studio for a week to completely dry. Once our little sloths were dry they were put into the studio’s kiln for their two firings. Our curator called this the ‘bisque fire’. After our clay mugs were bisque fired, our mugs were given a glossy glaze and fired again, then they were ready for pick up!

Surprisingly enough, the mugs were a success and hold liquid with out leaking. I’m looking forward to trying more classes like this! It was so fun to make a memory with my Mom – Her’s definitely turned out more elegant than mine did… as elegant as a sloth can be anyways 😉 I’m thinking this would be something I’d love to do with my whole family in the near future because watching my Dad sculpt a mug out of clay would be pretty fantastic!

Psalm118:24, “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”



– Stay Satisfied

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