Today marks exactly one year since I cut nearly all my hair off and got the pixie cut I’ve wanted for years. So I figured an accurate Throw Back Thursday was appropriate *wink* I totally remember this day. Do you have any of those memories where you can see a picture and it brings you right back into that moment? Looking back at these photos completely brought me back to the excitement of feeling the buzzers on my neck for the first time! I had long blonde hair, pretty much my entire life. The sun bleached it out ever summer making it lighter and lighter without me even realizing it. One random night I was flipping through my Bucket List – I do this when I have free time, just in case there is a possibility for me to check something off. I started my Bucket List when I was 15 and has continued to grow ever since. Currently, I have something like 248 things on it. However, I have done 176 things already and moved them to a “Crushed It” list. Anyways, I was flipping through my Bucket List; looking for something that I might be able to do. “Pull a successful April Fool’s Prank” was one of them. As I kept scrolling I realized that April Fool’s was literally one week away – I could try to check this off the list and I have a week to organize something. My eyes fell on, “Get a Pixie Cut” and it was as if the light bulb went off above my head. I should cut my hair into a pixie for April Fool’s without telling anyone. Since I’m living in Alberta and most of the people I know live in Saskatchewan, I could simply post a photo to Facebook with a caption saying, “Happy April Fool’s” and see what people do! The more I thought about it – the more excited I got!

Long Hair

The next day at school I asked my friend if she could hook me up with her hairdresser in town – because I obviously didn’t have one. A couple hours later the appointment was booked and I was ecstatic! I didn’t tell anyone except for my friends that demanded to come with me so that I wouldn’t back out and my sister. “YEEESSSSSSS DO IT!” I remember my sister encouraging me over the phone when I told her. “I won’t tell anyone – you should just come home for the Easter weekend and see what people’s reaction is!” Brilliant.

Before Hair Cut

I did end up caving and telling my Dad over the phone on March 31, 2015 just before I left to go get it cut because I was so excited. “Mmmmk, well I guess do what you want – it’s just hair….. Have you told your Mom?” I laughed, “No I haven’t told Mom – she’s the one that doesn’t want me to get it cut off the most!” I said. “No, no, no – you have to call her and tell her! Because, if you get it cut and just come home without saying anything; she’s going to see you and pretend to love it. Then, when we are going to bed that night she’ll ask me if I knew about this and I’ll have to say yes!” So in order to keep my Dad out of the dog house, I called my Mom on the drive to the hair dresser, “Mom…..” “What…?” “I have a hair appointment booked.” “NO! No! No! Don’t do it!” I laughed and told her that it was too late- I was excited and on my way there.

Cutting the Braid

When I got to the hairdresser, she took one look at me and refused to cut my hair. “No way woman! I’m not cutting all your hair off! I am not dealing with you crying in my chair 10 minutes from now!” “But this is what I want! Trust me!” I remember telling her. “Nope – I’ve been caught in this situation before and last time it was horrible. I’m not doing it.” “Well then give me the scissors and let me cut it off and then you’ll have to fix it.” After saying that, she realized that I legitimately wanted a pixie cut. She sat me down in the chair. “Are you sure?” Yes. She put the cape around me and pulled my hair back into a long thick braid. “Are you sure?” Yes. She held the scissors open next to my braid. “Are you sure you are sure???” Cut it. Stat. She started to clip. I could feel the hair being cut away and my face lit up. I am so happy!

Hair's Off

She was laughing, my friends were in shock that I actually followed through with this and I was beaming. After cutting off a 16 inch braid she buzzed and clipped the rest of my head into the pixie I always wanted *Happy Dance* My head felt so light. I was so weird to shake my head and not feel my hair whip to the left or right. I had a bare neck….

Getting Up

What was awesome, is that after she finished cutting my hair she squirt the gel in my hand and showed me how to style my own hair right there in the salon! I had been watching YouTube videos all week about how to style a pixie but this was fantastic! I loved my new hair!


To be honest, it’s crazy to think that this was only a year ago – sometimes I see photos of myself with long hair and I don’t recognize myself. April Fool’s was wonderful the next day. My friends didn’t say a word – I showed up to classes the next morning and enjoyed seeing everyone’s faces drop and hearing everyone’s reaction. I posted a photo on social media’s and my phone blew up. I was so excited. With that, I had checked off three things on my Bucket List. I successfully pulled an April Fool’s day prank – no one knew whether I was serious or not until the next day I posted a second photo confirming that I had gotten my pixie cut and donated 16 inches of my hair to cancer patients. Guys, there are a lot of things in life that God has given us the freedom to do simply out of joy. I want to encourage you to live your life on a limb. Have fun with God and do things you’ve always wanted to do – God gave us this life to be lived in the fullest through Him. Don’t hold back and be free!



– Stay Satisfied


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