It’s official: I love computer graphics. I love seeing people get excited about my designs. However, one of the only ways most people understand my designs is through computer graphics and digital 3D models. Most people can’t read technical drawings when they first see them – which makes sense, because most people do not know how to read them with out explanations. Anyways, in school we have been learning a program that allows us to draw our designs, concepts, and ideas in 3D formations therefore making it easier to show others what we are thinking. So, to put our 3D graphic skills to the test, my teacher told us to come up with a design for a small airport kiosk no bigger than 200 square feet. I had a couple ideas come to mind, but the design I got the most excited about was about watches.

Half Past 1    For the assignment, we were to come up with a concept statement, material board, shop name and logo, brand packaging, store front, displays and signage. It sounds like a lot but once I got going I was checking the deliverables off the list. When I was looking for ideas for my watch kiosk, I got inspiration by looking at my own watch collection; what made them unique and different and what exactly made me want them in the first place. For all of my watches, I loved a clean face and sophisticated design. I enjoyed when the time piece was sleek and beautiful. However, I wished that my watches had more natural elements in them – like a leather strap or wooden hands, etc. So I decided to make my kiosk a blend of what I loved about my watches and what I wished they had. Coming up with a name for my kiosk wasn’t hard. After receiving the assignment, I had been brainstorming for about 30 minutes; so I decided the call the watch store, “Half Past”. Not only are watches beautiful and a perfect addition to any outfit, they are practical. How could I make Half Past practical? What if my “roof” was a giant clock that displayed real time? What if the disk was also an LED light that lit the kiosk – making it a beacon for anyone rushing by. My mind began to explode with ideas. I grabbed my sketch book and wrote down as much as I could before the inspiration was gone. I totally believe that God gives me these ideas and provides moments where everything comes together. It doesn’t always happen right away – sometimes the ideas come WAY too close to my dead line – but He always provides something. As I continued to fill pages of my sketchbook with notes and doodles, and measurements, I was encouraged. These are the moments when I know that God is helping me to do my best where He has placed me. Sometimes I feel like the dumbest student in the class because I am not understanding things that everyone else seems to pick up on right away. Then, there are other times like this where I am given an idea and am able to run with it.RAMSTEAD PAYTON, HALF PAST KIOSK LOGO 2Half Past Sketch Book

As soon as I had all of my ideas down, I immediately began working on my computer model. As I drew and pulled objects into the forms I wanted them, I was getting more and more excited about Half Past. As I worked, more ideas came: what if the displays that held the watches all slowly rotated in time with the second hand on the roof? That way the watches would glisten under the giant light and sparkle; drawing people to come in and, “just look”. But the giant clock could also be tilted up making it more useful to those walking in the airport. What if I had one giant display making it easy for people to walk through the shop and glance at the watches? Or, what if I had three medium displays that would hold more product all together and still making it easy for shoppers to breeze through? My ideas continued to build on themselves. What if I placed the front desk at the top of the hour where people would make their purchases. At quarter-past, half-past, and quarter-to, there would be a watch display – just like the multiple faces on large watches. As I thought about it, I decided that I wanted it to be as if people we inside the watch itself. Not the gears, but under the crystal and standing on the face of the watch. When they looked up, the hour, minute and second hands would be spinning above them, the multiple faces would be around them and they would be standing on the beautiful face. I was loving this idea.

Half Past 4

Half Past 2

As I continued to draw the model, my ideas came together and I was stoked. My product was my concept and my merchandise was the form of my kiosk. Sophisticated, modern, practical and beautiful – like all watches should be. I want to encourage you guys to never give up on hobbies or things you enjoy doing but aren’t good at naturally. Keep at it – you will get better! There are days when I’m sitting in class wondering what I am doing with this interior design dream, but there are other days – like this project, where I am reminded why I love interior design. Those days will come for you too – just don’t stop trying and experimenting.

Half Past 3

Half Past 5



– Stay Satisfied

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