This week has been a little bit of a gong show at school – an exciting gong show. The school that I attend is credited by the NKBA {National Kitchen and Bath} there are two schools in Canada with this accreditation, and another 34 schools are in the U.S. where NKBA is founded. Every year, the foundation has three major design competitions for all of their accredited schools: a bathroom design, a kitchen design and a three hour charrette competition. For the bathroom and the kitchen competitions, the NKBA creates a client with a design problem for students to fix. Students have roughly a year to work of their projects before they submit them. There can be hundreds of submissions across North America and Canada for both of these competitions. Each year there is a different “client” with their own problems. The design style varies from year to year and sometimes companies sponsor the competitions. For example, in the past Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances sponsored the NKBA competitions so students were required to use Sub-Zero and Wolf products in their design. This year; the competition that I will be entering, has been sponsored by Waypoint Living; so all submissions are required to have Waypoint Living cabinetry incorporated into the design. I think I enjoy these assignments the most compared to my other projects simply because they are realistic to the actual work field outside of school. Who knows which company you could potentially work  with and required to use certain products. Or if you win a bid in the work field for a client that specifies certain companies and products they want used. You know? The charrette competition, on the other hand, is a completely different ball game and is the last inning a student plays. In the spring we will receive a yellow envelop with a client profile in it and the design situation. Students will then have a total of three hours to come up with a safe and functional design for the space. Then all entries are mailed to NKBA where they are judged and winners are announced in the Fall. So a couple weeks ago the winners were announced for the 2014/15 bathroom design, kitchen design and three hour charrette. Two girls from the year ahead of me won first place! I freaked out; I was so excited for them! *Major Happy Dance* One girl won 1st place in the kitchen competition and the clients actually had her kitchen design built in their home! It was incredible; she totally deserved to win. Another girl in the same class won 1st place in the three hour charrette and took 3rd place in the kitchen design. Still another girl won 3rd place in the charrette competition! It was incredible – they all did SO well! Seeing the students a year ahead of my class do so well makes me excited! Sometimes when you enter big competitions like that, you don’t expect to win. Especially since we are one of the smallest schools that enter the competition. You almost feel like the pip-squeak designer that isn’t cool goodto hang out with the big kids, but there they were; standing for two out of three gold slots!

There are so many steps when it comes to a renovation and when you are the one trying to come up with a new design that is original and unique – trace paper is your new best friend. There are always different things you need to consider when you’re designing for someone else. This is not your dream room, or bathroom or kitchen. You will not be the one to enjoy it – or deal with any problems if you screw up. Your client will. That is why you want to make sure you look at every side of the cube and are confident about your design and that it is the best fit for your clients situation. My teachers have stressed that fact since the first day of classes. Right now, my class and I are working on the bathroom competition. It’s actually quite fabulous and I’ve been loving it. For my design I decided to do two, one point perspectives because I wanted to show off the double shower that the clients specifically asked for and I wanted to be able to show as much detail as possible in the Waypoint vanity that will be in the space. Like I said before, trace paper is my new best friend…

Here is the development of my first perspective of the cabinetry:

Bath Drawing 1

Bath Drawing 2  Bath Drawing 4   Bath Drawing 7

And now the development of my second perspective of the double shower:

Bath Drawing 3

Bath Drawing 6

Bath Drawing 8

I’m happy with how my bathroom turned out – who knows how it will do in the competition but I’m excited to put all the finished puzzle pieces together and enjoy it as a whole *Happy Dance*


– Stay Satisfied

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