Design Trip 4In my first year of Interior Design, the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) organized a Design trip for my class and I to go on! Oh my goodness, this trip only added to my love tank for interior design and building dream homes. My design program that I am taking is credited by the NKBA – we are actually one of the two schools that are credited by the NKBA in Canada *Happy Dance* the other school is in Vancouver, B.C. Anyways, they completely planned this weekend expedition and we were to tour the city and see the best of the best. We were taken behind the scenes in custom design showrooms, we were taken through custom cabinetry workshops, we explored textile libraries and experienced some of the top brands in the world. I honestly could go on and on. The best part was probably the fact that I was able to fully nerd out with girl friends in my class that were gawking over the same things. It’s a whole “sorry not sorry” scenario. We toured Sub-Zero and Wolf showrooms and went to the Cambria showroom to see all of their products. I think one of my favorite stops was the Lacanche Showroom. Lacanche is a distinctively elegant French stove that is custom designed over seas in France and shipped all over the world. To show off their products, when we first arrived at the showroom they baked off fresh French pastries like Pain Eu Chocolate. I died.

Design Trip 13

I wish I could express to you all of the exciting things we were shown. In the hotel we stayed at, there were Eams Chairs. Charles and Ray Eames are two extremely talented designers. A husband and wife duo that completely designed their dream home together in California. When a house is “completely” designed, it means that the designer custom designed everything in the house to go perfectly with the architecture – right down to custom utensil sets! The Eames Chair is one of their most famous designs, which are actually still in production!!! Aaaannnndddd if you have about $2,000 to spend, you can buy me one for my birthday in July. *Wink*

Design Trip 12One of the many highlights from the trip was touring the Sub-Zero and Wolf appliance head quarters. Sub-Zero is a world class brand of refrigerators that start *cough* START at $10,000. Wolf is another world class brand for kitchen ovens and stoves which also start at $10,000. Scotiabank is wrong. I am not richer than I think… not after seeing those babies! Mmmmmk now here’s the rainbow of highlights: we were taken into the Sub-Zero and Wolf commercial kitchen were clients can test out their appliances. BUT we weren’t there to test em out. We were there to dine. GAH. K, you can’t even guess who our chef was – Pierre Lamielle who won Chopped Canada and was on Canada’s Top Chef season 4!!! I was beyond excited. Pfffffft I’m still excited HA! It was so cool because even though we were merely students – these product representatives and showrooms put their best foot forward in every situation. They bent over backwards to make sure we all felt welcome and comfortable and went above and beyond to answer our questions and help us understand them better. I left each showroom more knowledgeable – not only about their product but simply what to be looking for in general. Quality is important and they were incredible quality.

Design Trip 6

Pierre and I *Happy Dance*Design Trip 7

At the end of the day, when the tours were finished, my friend and I split up from the rest of the crew to explore downtown and seek out a fun coffee shop. We weren’t disappointed.

Design Trip 11

The coffee shop we stumbled upon roasted their own beans and made their own French pastries and desserts in house. *Picks up jaw from ground* They had countless macrons ranging from Wild Raspberry to Earl Grey. I seriously could have devoured them all….And their espresso was phenomenal… Another thing that I love about locally owned coffee shops is that the crowd they attract is just as unique as they are. People from all over come in for good coffee and spend their time the way they want to – relaxing.

After the coffee shop we hit the streets and looked around at all of the architecture and sculptures that were around. We also crossed a stunning bridge and was able to get a stunning skyline view of the city. I’ve always loved the look of big cities – especially at night time when all of the lights come on and it feels like everything is buzzing. But I also know that I love living somewhere that actually quiets down and you can hear crickets and see stars. It makes both places fun to visit when you bounce back and forth like that. I’m looking forward to our next design trip in my second year of school. It’ll be bigger, better and longer and we’ll learn even more than we did this time!

– Stay Satisfied

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