Brooke + Caleb

Super Exciting! This past spring, I had the honour of doing the flowers for my cousins wedding. Brooke (The lovely bride) and I are only a couple months apart and grew up together! I was completely shocked when she asked me to do her wedding flowers but absolutely excited. You have no idea! I was so excited that I would be able to be a part of her big day! What’s even more exciting was that she told me to do something beautiful. “Well, these are the colours that I’m using through out the theme, as long as the flowers can tie in to that, I’ll be happy!” *Major Happy Dance* I can’t express to you my excitement for these flowers!!

Brooke's Wedding Flowers 1

I ended up going with a mix of several different flowers. I used white hydrangea as the large, main flower then used white mums to compliment it. For a pop of bright colour I added lime green button mums and to add a hint of fall we used burnt orange alstromaria and peach mini spray roses. I picked up the flowers a couple days in advance so they would have the chance to open just a bit before walking down the aisle. I also used some white freesia and large white garden roses to add texture to the bouquets. Personally, I find that the more texture a bouquet has the more interesting it is to look at. Texture adds interest. Interest is a good thing in photos. There are lots of photos taken at weddings.

Brooke's Wedding Flowers 9

05.18.14 ArianaTennyson BC3-65

Brooke's Wedding Flowers 2

It was a long day just before the wedding on Sunday, May 18th, 2014 when history would be made. Brooke was one of the most chill and laid back brides, I had ever met. No seriously. “What kind of flowers would you like to be in each of the bouquets?” I asked her months ago while planning the floral arrangements. “Meh, something that looks nice, adds a pop of colour?” I’ll pay the bride to answer like that and still do her flowers. I mean really. So far, Brooke had been planning on a feminine, shabby chic style wedding. Her dress was the Kate Middleton replica, her brides maids had all tracked down vintage lace dresses, her mother-in-law hand made pearl bead headbands, and their wedding reception was to be held in tents with crystal chandeliers, honestly you name it – Brooke had it. Her day was beautiful, Godly and perfect.

Brooke's Wedding Flowers 5

05.18.14 ArianaTennyson BC3-35

Brooke's Wedding Flowers 8

I know that flowers are one of the things that are on the bottom of the list for a wedding. I mean really, the venue, the dress, the people, food, cake GAH the list can go on and on before you see flowers on it. As soon as the lovely lady gave me the go ahead I special ordered all of her flowers in. I’ll fully admit that I will do enough nerding out over the flowers to make up for every one else that didn’t notice them. Scouts honour.

Brooke's Wedding Flowers 6

Brooke's Wedding Flowers 3

Thank you again Brooke, for allowing me to a part of your special and beautiful day. I cannot express to you how thankful I am to have shared that memory with you! Praying for you lots and your new adventures ahead with your hubby! Also, huge shout out to Ariana Tennyson; the photographer of Brookie’s special day – she captured it beautifully, no one could have done a more wonderful job.





– Stay Satisfied

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