Mmmm so first off, I’m sorry that I missed last week. I do apologize. It’s been an extremely long week, but today my family and I celebrated the wonderful life of my Grandma. Late last week, my Grandma had a severe stroke and the doctors didn’t think she’d make it. 12 hours later, I hit the highway and booked it to the hospital back home as soon as I could. As I drove home I prayed that God would allow me to see my Grandma before she passed away; God gave me total peace as I drove and told me that I would be able to see her before He took her home. Even still, I think my little buggy reached an all new high speed record! I was able to spend the next few days with my Grandma and family before she passed away on February 3rd. Not gunna lie, I don’t think I’ve ever cried about something so much in my life – I’ve never had anyone that I loved so dearly die before. Yeah, I’ve gone to funerals and memorial services to support other friends and family, but this was entirely different. I think the most heartbreaking part was hearing my grandpa cry over the phone, the night I found out. As comforting as it was to be home and to be with my Grandpa, family and cousins, I want to thank the people that reached out to me and encouraged me. You guys are incredible. God has truly blessed me with friends that love and care about me. Everything from popping by the house with baking and food, keeping track of things while I was gone, sending gorgeous flowers and even the loving text message. I don’t want to come across cheesy or anything, but I honestly can’t say enough how much that all meant to me. To know that you guys were thinking of me and my family, to know that you guys were praying for us… just… wow..

Grandma was so many things to me and my siblings.
Grandma was our personal baker, our
partner in crime, our get out of jail free card, but most
importantly our friend. We loved going over to Grandma and
Grandpa’s house for sleepovers or hanging out with them for
the day whenever Mom and Dad “needed a break” …whatever that means.
I have so many memories with Grandma and Grandpa – most
of which involved Grandma’s love for fun and laughter. I
remember, Grandpa had gotten a new duck call that he kept in
his minivan. Grandma had an ingenious idea to drive around
Regina and honk at people then quick drive away. We did this
for hours! Grandpa was a skilled maneuver of the minivan and
would cruise through the parking lots and down Main Street
while us kids stuck the duck call out the window – just a little bit
so no one would see, and rapidly honk it. Usually, Grandma was
the one who would scout out potential victims for us. I
remember Grandma killing herself laughing in the front seat
while people looked up in sky for the geese, or watching them
jump as we came up behind them, honked the duck call and
Grandpa sped away. I even remember one girl looking in the
sewer drain thinking there was a duck stuck down there. The
best part was hearing Grandma yell between laughing, “Honey!
Honey! Quick go, go, go!” If there was ever a prank – Grandma wanted in.

Grandma 1

Grandma 2
As much as Grandma loved a good laugh, she loved crafts and
foam stickers just as much. Quite often, when Austin, Andra,
Addison and I were over for a play date, we would build
styrofoam plate boats. After construction, We would fill the
entire bathtub full of water to make sure they wouldn’t sink.
My brother still has the styrofoam tray that he and Grandma
built together! Grandma also had thee most markers, crayons
and pencil crayons imaginable. We could honestly spend hours
drawing and coloring at her place. Even years later; when us
kids were older, I remember going to Grandpa and Grandma’s
place and she still had my drawings taped on her cupboard
doors. Grandma not only cared about the little things but she
was proud of them. No matter what you did Grandma made it a
big deal – and that made each and every one of us feel special.
You failed your swimming class, no problem; look at these
awesome stickers you got I bet the other kids didn’t get those!
Now let’s go take a picture with your instructor.

Grandma 3

Grandma 4
Grandma and Grandpa were champion spoilers. Every time
us kids went over to their house she would make the best
chocolate milk and we would drink liters of it- the best part was
that she didn’t use any milk. Along with our chocolate milk
she’d give us a big bowl of chocolate chips and a big spoon. One
time, my sister was admiring Grandma’s sprinkle collection.
“Which ones do you like?” She’s asked. My sister pointed to her
favorite container and grandma reached over, screwed off the
lid and handed the container to her. “Do you think you can eat
these for me?” Grandma’s baking was unbeatable. Each and
every sprinkle was placed with care, because sprinkles just
tossed on cookies would be absolutely ridiculous. I remember
going over to her house one afternoon to bake and before she
put a pan of cookies in the oven, she would pray over them.
“Jesus, I pray for these cookies and that they would bake nice
and that they would be pretty for people to enjoy”.

Grandma 7

Another time, when Grandpa and Grandma came to hang out
at our house, my brother decided that he was going to
teach Grandma how to play video games. He set up the
Nintendo with the Mario kart game and we briefly showed
Grandma how to use the controller. Then us kids sat back and
laughed as we watched Grandma bashed Mario into every wall
imaginable. But Grandma was a good sport, she handed the
controller over to Grandpa and admitted that she couldn’t
drive. Then she joined us laughing while Grandpa continued to
drive Mario into obstacles and off the track.
Grandma was a go getter and always up for a challenge. When
my siblings and I were in elementary school, Grandma helped
us with every fundraiser. She racked up miles taking us door to
door collecting money for our school’s walk-a-thon. One time,
Grandma took my sister and I out to collect money and
my sister got a little side tracked collecting all the caterpillars on
the side walk. Grandma helped her get as many caterpillars
as she could and we put them altogether in the money box.

Grandma 6

Grandma 5
The most important thing to Grandma was her relationship
with her saviour Jesus Christ. Grandma was the most fierce
prayer warrior I knew. And that’s the thing I admire most
about Grandma. If here was something going on in your life, my
Grandma was already covering the situation in prayer. I
remember Grandma praying beside my bed when she would
tuck me in at night. Grandma thanked The Lord for everyone
and everything that could possibly come to mind. I would
always pray after Grandma, she would kiss me on the he cheek
and satay, “love you too much”. Even while she was at the care
home, when Grandma prayed, she had peace. I remember going
to the care home one day to visit her with my mom and sister.
Grandma was having a hard day so we all decided to pray
together that afternoon in her room. The moment Grandma
started praying, she was focused and thanked God for
everyone in her life. His Holy Spirit was strong in Grandma’s
life. Not only was prayer a huge part of Grandma’s life, but so
was her bible and memorizing God’s word. I remember
Grandma helping me to memorize bible verses at kids club at
church. She would quiz me over and over to make sure I knew
the verse and it’s reference. As much as I loved honking the
duck call with Grandma, I loved doing bible verses with you more.

Grandma 8

Grandma, you were amazing. To say that we are going to miss
you would be a complete understatement. We love you beyond
words but I am so thankful that you are now in Heaven with
Jesus. I know you’re singing with the angels. I know your
kissing everyone up there. And I know you’re being rewarded
for being a good and faithful servant, a valiant prayer warrior
and a woman after God’s own heart. In your owns words
Grandma, we love you too much.


Romans 8:6, “The mind focused on the Spirit is life and peace.”

I thank God SO much for time that He allowed me to have with Grandma. I could honestly go on and on about that amazing woman. When I think about Grandma; I cry. But I don’t cry because I miss her. I cry because I’m happy for her. My Grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a couple years ago – she never forgot who I was but she simply wasn’t the same. But now, Grandma is in her right mind with Jesus. She’s with her family that had passed away before her and she’s enjoying a perfect, beautiful life. That’s what Grandma deserves.  I thank God for placing people in my life that honestly care about me. Even people that I didn’t think really cared reached out and showed me they did. That honestly means the world. I can’t say it enough. If you think of it, in this new chapter ahead, keep my family and I in your prayers but mostly my Grandpa. I love him so much and I know that he is going to miss my Grandma more than everyone else combined. They eloped and were married for 45 years. I know God has more in store yet for all of us and I’m excited for what might unfold! I’m thankful that I have all of these memories of my Grandma and that’s what I’ll keep of her until I see her again.


  1. Payton, I could hardly make it through reading your little “speech” about your grandma without crying… There were times as a kid, she was almost like a 2nd grandma to me! Though I am disappointed because of my shift at work I was not able to make it today to the funeral, you and your family were on my mind a lot today. I will continue to pray for you guys! I have to also say I was practicing my impression of your Grandma calling Austin, saying, “Austin! Come here dear… SMOOOOCH!” hahaha

    By the way, I think I am now hooked on your blogs 🙂 Keep ’em coming friend!

    Love ya lots!


    1. Thank you Levi! ❤️ I know my Grandma meant a lot to you too and I’m so sorry that you weren’t able to make it to the funeral! It means a lot that you are praying for us!

      Ahaha I’ll need to hear your impression the next time I see you!!!

      Thank you for the encouragement Levi! It actually means a lot! 😊


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