I want to move forward as a person. Who doesn’t? Let’s go with no one. I always try to step out of the box and look at the situation from different angles. And also look at how I’m handling something, for example what would I think about me if I were not me…? We’re just gunna pretend that makes sense. Anyways, it makes me think twice about how I am handling the things going on in my life. Am I submitting them to God and trusting that He is going to use my crazy situations for something good in the end? Or am I going to throw my hands in the air, pout, and say “Why me God?” I mean, really. I always need to pray and ask God to help me deal with things the way He wants me to, instead of how I initially want to react. That includes everyday scenarios: whether it’s the mother load of homework, frustrations at school, situations with friends or things going on in my family, you name it. How we respond to things going on in our life matters, it grows to define who we are!

There are two ways that I can respond to something. I can be angry and rant about it to all of the people I know and will bear to listen. I can just let out the anger, bitterness, and harsh words that I initially think. Whatever ticked me off will eventually blow over and everyone will move on. And after all is said and done, I got to get out my anger the way I immediately wanted to, and now it doesn’t matter. Right? Mmmmm not quite – it does matter. Because everyone watching me will subconsciously take note of my reaction whether they mean to or not! Or, I can step away from whatever is going on for a moment and collect myself. If I am raging, or broken, bitter or utterly depressed, I can be with God in that moment and immediately respond to Him. God can handle my harsh, angry words and what’s even more incredible is that He says that He understands and He wants us to be honest with Him. Let God be that friend that you rant to and vent to because He is the only one that is going to be able to give you peace and allow you to respond the way you ought to respond to other people.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that Jesus got angry. He freaking flipped tables and made whips. Jesus was angry. It’s not wrong at all for any of us to get angry. Anger is an emotion. People have emotions. Our problem is how we deal with our emotions, and is this case, we’ll use anger. People often don’t channel their anger in righteous ways – like Jesus did. When Jesus got angry; He did not sin in His anger. We, usually do. On Sunday, I had the chance to go to a conservative Mennonite church for the first time. That was really different but super encouraging. It is amazing to see how different people worship and learn about the Saviour differently. Anyways, the pastor there, said something that totally pulled on my heart strings. He was talking about being peace keepers and how we react in different situations. “Am I just going to feel good after wards or is it going to bring peace?” The pastor kept speaking, but I was stuck on that question. Everything else kinda blurred out in the back ground. How do I respond? How have I been responding? Huh, technically speaking I should want to be responding in a way that I feel both; good afterwards BECAUSE I have made peace. Look back at the most recent situation where you got angry. How did you respond? Can you honestly say that you brought peace? No? Well at least, did you feel good about it? Mmmm usually we can’t say that we do feel good when we know that our words have caused more hurt. Sorry, even if you do feel good about how you responded – you’re probably the only one then. I came across this quote on pinterest the other day, and it kinda felt like a frying pan in the face. Seriously. No matter how you react – you’re still putting out the same amount of focus and energy.



With reaction #1, you don’t grow. You do exactly what you originally wanted to do and you stay on the same level as everyone else in this world. With reaction #2, you grow. You are allowing God to work in your heart and change you from the inside out and not only will you notice this change but so will those around you! I’ve been reading a lot in Proverbs and literally all throughout the book it compares the wise man and the foolish man. Proverbs 17: 27 & 28 says, “He who restrains his words has knowledge, and he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding. Even a fool, when he keeps silent is considered wise, when he closes his lips, he is considered reasonable.” Guys I want to challenge you to first go to God. It could even be a quick prayer asking for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance, but we need to turn to Him before anyone else because God is the only one that can truly balance your heart and bring you peace. The quote I found the other day made me stop and check myself. Am I taking the long road  or am I taking the high road? The high road has the better view. I’m still learning this too, but in the end, it’ll be worth it. And I mean, worst case scenario… we do this…

Coffee Quote
– Stay Satisfied


  1. Just found your blog and reading this post was exactly what I needed to hear right here in this moment. So thanks for speaking your heart and sharing what Gods teaching you because it seems we’re in it together! 🙂


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